How athletes can prevent chafing in summer months

This summer has brought higher temperatures to many parts of the US, and athletes are competing in their favorite summer sports and activities. Its no fun, though, to return from a great run, a pickup basketball game or tennis match and have chafing from the heat. Here’s some great ways to help deal with the heat and reduce the chance of getting chafed:

  1. Stay cool- pick hours of the day with less intense heat to reduce sweating
  2. Use moisture wicking clothing- many athletic clothing manufacturers have clothing that pulls sweat away from the body when you move.
  3. Remember to shower once you’re done exercising. Its not just the irritation of rubbing that causes chafing- it can be exacerbated by dried sweat on the skin from a previous workout. Showering after competing or working out helps prevent this.
  4. Use a body powder like Jewel Dust to help with smoother movement of clothing over the skin.
  5. Stay hydrated- if you’re dehydrated, sweat forms more salt crystals which can hasten chafing.

Better to take preventive measures for chafing while being active in summer months, than have it develop into something worse.

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